Warhammer Quest

We’ve been following up the game for more than two months. Warhammer Quest was a popular table-top RPG back in the 90s and now is brought to iOS by Rodeo Games. In the game, you will hire a host of heroes with varied classes in your party and embark on perilous dungeon hunting for loot, XP and glory. Give this old-school tactical RPG a try and see if it can bring you a surprise .

Incredible Jack

Incredible Jack is an old-school platformer action game from Chillingo. In the game, you take an incredibale journey across seven themed worlds and solve puzzles to help Jack reunite with his family and uncover the evil plans of the underground demons.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

Role play an attorney in Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD? Sounds interesting. The game brings to life the explosive faceoffs in the courtroom, which we see so many times on TV. But the under-the-table work are of more importance. You must dig deep enough into the cases so that you can gain enough evidence to defend the innocent and win your own glory as well.

Suspect: The Run! Deluxe

Suspect on the run? What would that remind you of? NFS: Hot Pursuit? No, no, no. As a matter of fact, it’s more like a parkour game than a racing game. Collect coins, dodge obstacles, and run away from cop’s pursuit. It’s better to bracket it with Temple Run, Subway Surfer and etc.

My Mine

My Mine is a match-3 game that pitches players to collect valuable items in timed sessions. Inside a mine, all the gold, jewels and diamonds are rolling down the conveyor belt, and players are quested with matching and collecting them all. If they fail to do that within two minutes, all the remaining items would fall off and the game will be over.


SlamBots is a robot-themed arena battle title where players control a robot on a flying machine and slam evil robots wherever they go. Through battling those enemy robots, players gain experience, collect reward, and most importantly, have a chance to equip their robots with powerful machines that can deal more damages.

Chock A Block

Chock A Block is a fascinating match-3 puzzler with five unique game modes. Match three or more blocks of the same color to clear the board and get bonus points. Come to compete against your friends in exciting Challenge Mode, and gain special immersive experience in other different modes.

Witch Academy: Match 3

Witch Academy: Match 3 is a match-3 puzzle game with refreshing graphics and lightning-fast gameplay. Perform quick combos to obtain special power-ups and challenge yourself to get a high score in the Ranked Mode.

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