Apart from games like League of Evil 3, Samurai Shodown 2, which we’ve been following up for some time, there are also a handful of others worth of your special attention, such as RPG shooter Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn, pixel adventurer Anodyne Mobile, and cartoon-style castle defender Siegecraft TD. Take a look at our brief introductions below.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn

If you are a fanatic of RPG and shooting games, join Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn, as it will provide you with experience of both in one small-sized app. Entertain yourself with 4 player co-op missions or 8 player PvP combat. You will fancy it immediately as you put your hands on.

League of Evil 3

The Agent and his once notorious friend are ready to embark on a brand new adventure in League of Evil 3. And this time the game delivers a better pixel art and super touch-friendly controls. If you never engaged in one of the series, you’d love to give this new one a try.

Siegecraft TD

Siegecraft, the No. 1 strategy game on IOS is back with its epic sequel Siegecraft TD! With some exciting twists, Siegecraft TD will possibly become the best-looking asynchronous turn-based multiplayer strategy game ever! Stop waiting there, do something!

Sea Conquest

Curious about the underwater world? Sea Conquest offers you a great chance to dive into the deep ocean to have an underwater expedition. Fight against tons of dangerous sea creatures and gather treasure for improved diving equipment. Challenge other players in Gamecenter leaderboard to see who can dive deeper.

Samurai Shodown II

Samurai Shodown finally finds its way to iOS devices. Samurai Shodown II is the sequel of this renowned and classic weapon-based competitive fighting arcade game. Players now can perform much more actions and compete against their friends to see who is the most talented and powerful swordsman.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a detective-themed adventure game where you investigate crime scenes, examine suspicious objects, interview witnesses, and shatter criminals’ lies to uncover the truth behind each case. Strive to use your brilliant reasoning ability and logical analysis ability to solve all the crimes.

Anodyne Mobile

The award-winning pixel adventurer Anodyne has got a mobile version! This unique game throws you to explore the human Young’s subconscious world. You will be allowed to venture through over 20 different areas and enjoy the staggering original soundtrack with just an initial input of $2.99.

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