Clash Royale Minions

Today, we will be talking about one of the free gems Сlash Royale App Troops which gets unlocked at Arena 2 which is Bone Pit. We are talking about Minions which is a character from Clash of Clans game and taken in Clash Royale as a common troop in order to make the game more […]

Today’s Best iOS Games: Star Wars: KotOR, After Earth, Apoc Wars

Game Introduction: Turbo Racing League is a racing car game from PikPok as a spinoff of Dreamworks’ animated movie, Turbo, which is to come out this summer. The game features a cute snail with a car-like body, many racing modes, 9 different racing tracks, random fuel stations and numerous tomatoes, in-game currency. Create your own […]

Game List of Summer 2018

Apart from games like League of Evil 3, Samurai Shodown 2, which we’ve been following up for some time, there are also a handful of others worth of your special attention, such as RPG shooter Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn, pixel adventurer Anodyne Mobile, and cartoon-style castle defender Siegecraft TD. Take a look at our brief […]