Iron Man 3 – The Official Game is a fast-paced, endless runner from Gameloft. With our cheats and strategy tips and tricks, you can easily get started with the game and better over fly your enemies!

Fly Far and Often
The game’s gyro controls are very stiff, making it hard to dodge objects. Increasing the gyro sensitivity is a good idea to give you more precise control over your flight. Pause the game during a flight, enter the options menu, and move the sensitivity to the right. If you can handle it, I recommend maxing out the sensitivity.
You can also switch to touch controls in the options menu. They let you steer Iron Man by sliding your finger along the bottom of the screen. The touch controls are more precise than the gyro controls, but make it hard to move and attack enemies at the same time, so my recommendation is still the gyro controls at the highest sensitivity.
Get in the habit of looking ahead of your path for incoming obstacles. It’s much safer to plan your dodging pattern ahead of time than to decide which way to dodge an obstacle when it’s right in front of your face.
After you die, you will be prompted to spend ISO-8 to revive Iron Man. You can make this pop-up go away faster by tapping rapidly outside the window.
Each suit takes real time to repair between flights. To maximize how often you can fly, you should spend the beginning of the game buying several new suits instead of upgrading the ones you already have.

In-Flight Combat
Your tap attack is almost useless. 99% of the time, you should attack enemies by swiping.
When taking on enemies, don’t just swipe back and forth rapidly. Slow down your attacks enough to intentionally aim at each of your targets. Swiping too hastily can sometimes cause your beam to skip over enemies or might cause you to accidentally shoot one of the deadly EMP bombs.
Boss fights are longer than normal enemy segments and you can take your time to defeat them. You should attack as frequently as possibly, but staying alive should be your top priority. Focus on dodging the boss’ attacks before trying to aim your fire properly.
XP, Stark Credits, and ISO-8
There is no confirmation box when you tap on something to spend Stark Credits or ISO-8. Be careful where you are tapping!
The game is designed to place some Stark Credits and power-ups right next to dangerous obstacles. Play it safe and skip them if you think you might get hit. It’s better for your income to fly as long as possible than it is to pick up an extra power-up or two. If you still alive to fly further, there will always be more Credits and power-ups ahead.
Save your ISO-8 for unlocking suits. Don’t use it to accelerate upgrades and repairs. Only use it for revives if you need to in order to complete one of your missions or unlock an achievement.
The amount of XP you earn for each flight is based on how many points you got during that flight. Traveling long distances and racking up attack combos are the best ways to boost your score. Upgrading your suits’ HP will let them take more hits and, therefore, let you fly them for further distances. Swipe multiple enemies quickly but carefully to build up a combo. You can also earn large combos by firing constantly at large enemies. Make small circular or back-and-forth swipes on large enemies to keep your lasers on them for an extended time.
Wait to upgrade your suits until you will be putting the game down for a while. You can’t take a suit out for a flight while it is being upgraded. Note that you cannot start an upgrade on a suit while it is being repaired.
Come back daily to complete the daily mission and advance the story. Doing so will give you access to boss fights and new areas to fly through. The daily missions also have the best rewards!

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