Game Introduction:
Turbo Racing League is a racing car game from PikPok as a spinoff of Dreamworks’ animated movie, Turbo, which is to come out this summer. The game features a cute snail with a car-like body, many racing modes, 9 different racing tracks, random fuel stations and numerous tomatoes, in-game currency.

Create your own fast, responsive and charming Turbo

What matters most on a racing track? Of course, it is SPEED! But perhaps, you also want your vehicle – Turbo, in this case – to look cool. You can package almost all you want through a few taps and with a few tomatoes. Press the tool icon, you can tune up your Turbo’s speed, acceleration, steering and boost. Next to the tool icon is the parts icon, tapping of which brings you to an interface where you can choose shell, spoiler, exhaust and body. Then in the spray shop you can paint both the body and shell of your character and even make the shell glow. However, as the beginning you may not have a great deal of tomatoes, I advise you to spend the bulk of what you have on tune-ups which can give an immense edge in your first several runs. When you have garnered a decent sum of tomatoes, you can turn back and get whatever upgrades you want. I would recommend you to start from choosing a bulkier body for your racer and then move onto the exhaust part, shell and spoiler. Surely choosing a larger body costs more, but you will find the stars it will bring later well worth your investment.

Get more tomatoes!

I suggest you have a few trial runs in ranked races. To be clear, ranked races doesn’t directly contribute to license leveling up, but it is the best place for you to better know the racing environments, hone your driving skills and collect some tomatoes for useful updates all at the same time. You can always swap tracks to experience different racing scenarios. In Class 1, there are three available tracks with unique challenges. Familiarity of them all will help you fare better in rival modes with improved skills. Most important all, it is ranked races are your quickest way to amass tomatoes.

Strive for a higher ranking in ranked races

At the end of each run in ranked races, you get a score based on the tomatoes you have collected, called winnings, time you have spent and stunts you have made. In order to climb to the top of the leaderboard, you must do equally well in speed, winnings and stunts. In case you have not found out, stunts are slides that you perform on the run. You may just tap on the screen, hold two buttons or only tap one icon, varying according to controls. What I want to remind you of is don’t ever forget to do them. It is simple but very helpful to boost your ranking.

Make your Turbo whistle like wind on the racing tracks

Spend all the tomatoes you have gained in ranked races on tune-ups and upgrades! Of course if you really want to change the look of your Turbo, you may drop some there, though it is not your first priority. With improved attributes through shell and spoiler updates etc, your Turbo can zip the tracks like wind. Surely, your skill has a role to play here too. Keep one of your fingers glued to the right movement icon or keep tilting your device to shun curbs on the highway which slows your Turbo down significantly. Also drive through as many fuel stations as possible. But I don’t advise you to wind too much on the road to get refills, which is to the detriment of your overall speed.

Gain more stars to unlock cups for upscaled License Class

Upscaled licenses unlock more tracks and bring greatly enhanced attributes, so naturally you covet for that. In order to level up your license, you must win the graduation cup which is unlocked when you have collected enough stars. How to get more stars? Again, invest enough time to get more potatoes either in ranked races or rival races. Spend them all to make sure your Turbo has the speed you can afford to give him. What is left for you to do is outstrip your opponent! I find keeping to the middle of the road is always better than swinging right and back to get refills and tomatoes in the long run. Just have a few trials to update your Turbo, then put all you have in one bet, neglecting difficult-to-grab tomatoes, giving up a few hard-to-approximate refills and maintaining a steady control on your racer by keeping him to the middle of the road as case permitting.

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